The Dental Industry is not what it was 20 years ago. 
Our attorneys have been at the forefront of the dental industry for 20 years

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Highly Specialized in the Law Pertaining to Dental Practices

We ONLY Practice Dental Law

Dental Law Practice Areas

  • DSO Creation, Structure and Development
  • Real Estate Matters (all areas)
  • Buying a Dental Practice
  • Dental Entity Formation & Governance
  • Practice “Buy-ins” & Partnership Agreements
  • Practice “Start-Ups”
  • Employment Matters (for owner and employee)

Buying a Dental Practice

De-Novo Office Construction

Dental Entity Formation & Governance

  • legal structuring and formation

  • by laws & operating agreements 

Dental Internet Defamation & Online Libel 

Dental Office Leasing

DSO Creation, Structure and Development

Employment Matters (for owner and employee)

  • protecting employees

  • protecting owners

  • employment agreements/ Associate Contracts

  • non-competition agreements

  • restrictive covenants

Partnership Agreements & Separations

Practice “Buy-ins” & Partnership Agreements

Practice “Start-Ups”

Real Estate Matters (all areas)

  • new construction, leasing, build-outs, landlord issues

Selling a Dental Practice